WindWalkers Radio Control Club
An AMA Gold Leader Club 


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Board Members:

President:   Gary Stone
Vice President:  Bill Schultze
Treasurer:   Hank Mausolf
Safety Officer: Eugene Albrycht
Secretary:   Cindy Stone
Webmaster: Brian Mausolf

We are a group of individuals dedicated to furthering the hobby of remote controlled model aircraft. We are a diversified group with people from all walks of life ranging in age from 10 to 94 years young. Our membership consists of active and retired military from all branches of service, military and commercial pilots, college professors, science teachers, medical researchers, veteran WWII pilots, Korean and Vietnam War veterans, and veterans of other campaigns, retired state police, computer technicians, contractors, and the list goes on...

We enjoy the camaraderie of membership as well as participating in many aircraft modeling events. Some of our members are active in RC aircraft competition.

Windwalkers provides air demonstrations, Boy Scout air merit badge training, co-sponsors with other RC clubs to promote aeronautics for the Commonwealth Governor's School, program for gifted students, and performs charity work benefiting local food banks.

We offer in-the-air training for those who are interested in becoming remote control pilots. Please contact one of our club officers or one of our instructor pilots listed on this web page to learn more about our flight training program.

It is our tradition to dedicate all air demonstrations to the men and women of the armed forces, and their families, because we appreciate the sacrifices they make, to allow all of us the freedoms we enjoy.